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Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Become an active teenage contributor in the Bitcoin community.



About WAAS

The WAAS Project is a private education initiative focused on introducing teenagers to Bitcoin technology and Bitcoin development.
The WAAS Project does this by providing high-quality coding skills training in secondary schools, through our  network of WAAS Clubs.
Our WAAS Clubs provide a vibrant and colorful environment for teenagers across the globe to express themselves positively, interact with like-minded peers, and demonstrate creativity while learning everything they need to know to become valuable members of the Bitcoin community.
Our Story

Every great product, service or community has a great story behind it. Learn about The WAAS Projects story here. Learn More

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness teenage tech talent to pool 2500 fresh developers into the bitcoin developer community every year. Learn More

Our Method

The WAAS Project deploys the WAAS Learning Curriculum, which is designed specifically for teenagers, through our network of WAAS Clubs, which we set up through partnerships with schools and entities around the world. Learn More

Our Impact

The WAAS project actively promotes adoption of Bitcoin among teenagers who will be the future of Bitcoin which guarantees increase in the growth and speed of innovation within the Bitcoin community. Learn More

What is WAAS Club?

How to join WAAS Club

You don’t need prior knowledge or technical skills to participate in any of our programs. Our curriculum is designed to give you the perfect leg up when transitioning to a career in tech.



Schools for you

Coding School

Bitcoin School

Gaming School

Prepare your kids for the future!

The WAAS Learning Curriculum is design specifically to teach teenagers everything they need to know about Bitcoin and Bitcoin development, by giving them unfettered access to all the skills, Knowledge and opportunities to build to ensure they can become valued contributors to the Bitcoin community.

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Interested in inspiring the next generation of Bitcoin innovators? Collaborate with us. We are committed to helping as many teenagers take their first steps towards a career in the Bitcoin community by providing them with access to quality content and trainings by real world Bitcoin experts.


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